The Concept of jigs and arts

"Blending the skills and science to be the art of fishing"
We are aggregating the probability between Luck, Skill, and Science in your fishing journey so that nothing will be left to chance. All profile designs are from fluid dynamics studies and pool testing to entice predatory instinct. We are obsessed with finding the right color combinations that are specific to fish diet, weather, water condition, and seabed environment.

Jig Applications Chart Kurodai

Quality of Craftmanship
We stick to handmade because it carries art and soul in it. Beginning with the right mix of metal alloy which is important for high durability and strength to the lure body.  We put high attention to detail and finishing especially in coming out with a unique color mix and glossy high-quality finish. Every product coming out from our end is like a special gift to an old good friend.

Passion and Friendships
We create a sustainable community of practice where feedbacks and experience from fans and friends were gathered to further improve our lure innovations.
Sharing the passion in fishing brought together strangers through exchanging knowledge and learning from others, making this journey purposeful and fulfilling.