SLOW PITCH JIGGING TECHNIQUES: Kurodai International - "Our journey on

Kurodai Catch - 17.9kg Giant Grouper

Picture Above: Myself with 17.9 Kg (39.4 lb.) Giant Grouper on Slow Pitch Jigging Technic 40Nm Offshore Tg. Karang Selangor Malaysia


"Our journey on being one of the finest Jig maker..."

      書道 shodō is an art concept where it being allowed to naturally flows into our finishing and designs. To be radical in jig design is our niche in producing wanted product on shelf.

      Our specialists in fine art are working hard in transcending it to the surface of the jig, mimicking the real life fish in reef or open water. Creating perfect color contour on the jig surface is the key to lure big appetizers in.

In Kurodai International we always believed that, big fish are smart fish…

Lets書道 shodō bring us there…