Slow Pitch Jigging

Slow Pitch Jigging "Flutter" Kurodai - Handling your leaf shape jigs f

Slow pitch jigging is one of the most effective fishing techniques for reef fishes in slack water conditions. However, it's also considered the most difficult technique to master. The real art of slow pitch jigging lies in the way you play it - the softer you play it, the more deadly it becomes.

Our slow pitch jigging lure is handcrafted and fine-tuned with a center-balanced body to create maximum vibrations in the water column. We meticulously furnish it with high-quality holographic foils and special color combinations to stimulate the fishes' desire to hunt.

Flutter Rastafari 130g & 200g

The flutter profile of our lure features an action kick as early as 2 feet, making it ideal for targeting bottom dwellers and reef fish such as groupers and snappers in water depths of 30m-50m++ with a slack current speed of 0.1 knots - 0.8 knots. It weighs either 130g, 200g, 250g and is made of lead and antimony (Mohs 3).

Kurodai Flutter Jig Actions

To maximize the effect in slow pitch jigging, we recommend letting the lure fall to the seabed or structures, making a half or full pitch of your reels, and exploring the long fall technique in some occasions. Resting it on the seabed for several seconds to create a sudden jump is optional, but it can create the falling injured fish's mimicry, luring in big predator fish.

Repeating these actions several times roughly 2m-8m from the seabed makes the jig dance, mimicking the falling injured fish, and creating vibrations in the water that draw out predators from their nests. The right combination of colors can increase the chance of biting by striking a balance between the predator fish's ability to hunt using their pectoral bones and eye sight.


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